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Richard Wright

(901) 414-6854*

West TN; USA

*Also, if you would like a boating eskimo roll (I define as: flipping over in a kayak wearing a spray skirt connected around boat lips, and then rolling the kayak back upright) lesson, you can call me about that also. I can give verbal on-the-phone lessons. If you want an actual in-person lesson, then we can discuss that on the phone.  Strapping ones-self to many flotation devices maybe also allow one to achieve an eskimo roll, on low class numbered water. Safety first.  Disclosure: I would not try this in motorized boats, or medium/large boats, or moving at speeds above paddle stroke speed and avoiding certain obstacles. Also, one must be able to be easily released from the vessel - that's why they created spray skirts for some enthusiasts.


Secondly, if you mail me your shed deer antlers, I can make antler rings out of part of those, and if you specify size I can probably get the right size to you depending on diameter, and then I will mail them back to you. Call me to discuss pricing, maybe $7.50 per ring? Can get multiple rings out of one shed at least 4 if right size. So estimate how many rings you want and mail me cash or check for the amount along with the antlers you want crafted. Call me for arranging that, or if you were on my research mailing list then the address is unchanged.