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Richard Wright

Richard founded an investment management company, in January 2007, sold or opted for "direct registration" of stock owned, then distributed stock (including the largest online hedge fund network) to owner(s), and/or liquidated and distributed cash depending on investor redemption timing. The investment management company has now been closed as of 2016, and Richard trades independently.

Richard’s research has been published in a well known electronically disseminated monthly market commentary report (May 1, 2010) The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report.

Richard has a strategic investment in a hedge fund network an invitation-only hedge fund network with portfolio managers/analysts sharing investment perspectives.

Previously, Richard was a research analyst at a mutual fund, allocating $3 million of a $1 billion fund. Prior to that, he worked in various roles with a community bank co-managing a $3 million investment fund, as a merger acquisition specialist and vice president. He earned a BS in Business Administration at UT Knoxville, a diploma from the Graduate School of Banking at LSU, and was both Vice President of the Real Estate Club and President of the six member TVA Investment Challenge (the $500,000 his team managed outperformed the S&P500 by 10% during his leadership term) while he earned his MBA in 2005 from Vanderbilt.

Richard has been featured in Bloomberg News and Radio (February 2006), on Bloomberg TV interviewed by Pimm Fox (December 27, 2010),  Fast Company Magazine (January 2004), The Knox News Sentinel (pictured there for presenting First A Dream (a business autobiography) to a famous investor), The Omaha World Herald's article titled "Does It Pay to Be The Next Warren Buffett" on May 6, 2006, The Tennessean (for organizing "Monopoly Night" to entertain at Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management which benefited a locally charity for education), Richard is featured in the autobiography First A Dream, New Edition, and Richard is pictured in the biography Of Permanent Value (2005 and 2006 Edition), and Richard was interviewed on Bloomberg TV by Susan Li (March 17, 2011).