Shed Antler Ring / Pigmy goat meat / Quail eggs

If you mail me your shed deer antlers, I can make antler rings out of part of those, and if you specify size I can probably get the right size to you depending on diameter, and then I will mail them back to you. Call me to discuss pricing, maybe $7.50 per ring if you supply the antler. Can get multiple rings out of one shed if right size please specify how many you are willing to pay for completed and ring sizes desired. So estimate how many rings you want and mail me cash or check for the amount along with the antlers you want crafted, or mail me the antler(s), we can discuss pricing, and then once complete you can make payment before I mail you back the rings. Call me for arranging that, or if you were on my research mailing list then the address is unchanged. If you want to buy just one ring with antlers I supply then those are $50 each please specify ring size desired.

Further, hand-washed and cleaned Pygmy goat pelts for sale $1,000 per pelt. Specify large (full grown goat) or small (young goat), and if you want to be gender specific on goat pelts I can deal with that if still available. Color: all black goat hair with some lighter spots. There is only one small grey Pygmy goat pelt price is $10,000 due to sentimental value (reminds me of that line in the "Does It Pay to Be the next Buffett?" article from my bio, (after it put a brief description for me it stated for me, "Verdict: Not gray enough" and listed six other characters similarly). Ok so I'm just pushing the price up to see if anyone will pay that much for a goat pelt. Current limit on goat pelts I can provide is four pelts available, more goat pelts may be available before long. Order goat pelt(s) from me soon! 

$1,000 is the same for the Pygmy goat pelt I cut a hole in the middle for wearing as a shirt, slightly hardened leather. Possibly good for a knife block haha just kidding folks.  

After I skinned the goats, all goat pelt cleaning was done my me (yes, there's more work to be done). For $5 I'll send you my video on how I clean the pelts using part of Matt Richards' cleaning methodology (he has some further steps you can watch his DVD if you want more (e.g., learning to soften leather)). 

Frozen Pygmy goat meat available for sale; pricing set at $100 per quart bag (due to limited availability elsewhere). Purchaser must qualify ability to cook goat meat successfully or is willing to follow my cooking instructions involving adding some apple cider vinegar with much water into a crock-pot and cooking over goat meat probably six hours because goat meat is not that tasty and somewhat tough unless you cook it right. But it's better than pasteurized cow's milk (can't say I like cows enough to try raw cows milk for comparison).

Quail (they were in U.S.A. before us) eggs for sell. $1/egg (maybe seasonal) without economies of scale purchasing. I have quail in a fortress of a quail hut I built myself awaiting egg-laying; it might be spring before available based on seasonal laying behavior.